Monday, September 30, 2013

Sometimes, you just have to punt

So I've had the sort of weekend that makes you look forward to Monday morning as a rest.  Busier than a CPA on April 14 (just in case any of my international readers don't know, April 15 is tax day here, and Certificated Public Accountants are kept so busy their families send out missing-person reports in the days beforehand.  Then at midnight on the 15th they emerge, unshaven, exhausted, and pale as any good troglodyte after weeks of living in their offices, lit only by the glow of the computer. . . ).  Anyway. . . like I say, heck of a weekend.  So I never got my post for today planned, let alone written. 

But because I love you all and want to share something that will make us all feel calm and happy, I'm putting up a bunch of photos that make me feel relaxed and at peace.  All are from the Canadian Rockies this summer, and the animal in the last one is a marmot.

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