Thursday, April 25, 2013

V: Vacations

Okay, I'm reaching and I know it.  Just couldn't get a good idea for V, and vacations are starting to be on my mind, what with the end of the school year looming. 

First, a few books that take place on vacation, or center around a vacation, not in any particular order.

Middle grade:
The Penderwicks (Jeanne Birdsall) and the second sequel, The Penderwicks at Point Mouette
Walk Two Moons (Sharon Creech)
The Moon By Night (Madeleine L'Engle)
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (C. S. Lewis) (well, they are at the big country house because of the War, but also because school isn't keeping.  Most of the books start with school hols).
Summer According to Humphrey  (Betty Birney)

Adult mysteries:
The Five Red Herrings (Dorothy Sayers).  Also Have His Carcase
Sue Henry's Maxie and Stretch series is almost always on vacation
Borderline (Nevada Barr)
Holy Terror in the Hebrides (Jeanne M. Dams)

Now, because vacations are good for the brains, I'm going to throw up a few shots of my idea of a great vacation, just for fun.  They aren't times to write, or even think about writing, but a good wilderness trip really does restore the little grey cells.

Second Son hip deep in the Virgin River Narrows, Zion National Park

Self-portrait atop my first 14,000' mountain.

Following my three guys up the trail.  I'm always following.  Can't keep up with any of them anymore.

Hauling my pack up another pass in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains

My boys near the top of 12,000' Knapsack Col in the Wind Rivers.

Sunset in the Winds.


  1. I work so I can go on vacations.

    1. Ah. Because if we didn't have work, it wouldn't be a vacation. Me, I mostly let the spouse handle that end of it ;)

  2. I need a reading/writing vacation with an ocean view. I mean, as long as I'm dreaming...

    1. Let's see, Julie. Where are you? We don't quite have an ocean view, but it's nearby. Maybe we could swap. . . you can have the kids, too. . .

  3. Vacations is a great V word. I'd like to have a good vacation.

    Blogging from A to Z
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Thanks, Arlee! I'm honored to have the founder of A to Z join my followers!

  4. Books on vacation - essential! I'm dreaming of one - in September - maybe into the bush/wilderness, with book books and more books
    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff

    1. I may not write much on our trips, but I always carry a book. Now that I have a Nook, I carry a LOT of books. We can't hike all day. Lazy afternoons reading are a bonus of slowing down and taking more breaks!

  5. So sorry I could not see your photographs. But I love books and would read all day if I could. Have a stack of ten, now by my bedside. I am a new follower.

  6. Hi! I see that your blog this month is all about vacations, or at least antique travel posters? I'm sorry you can't see my photos.

    As for the stacks of books by the bed. . . heaven help me if I'm in bed when the next earthquake hits, because I am going to be so buried!

  7. Weirdness. When I tried to upload the photos, my browser crashed. So. I used the same copy and paste as worked fine for the book covers--and the pictures don't show. I will try to fix this, but don't hold your breaths!

  8. Used to enjoy hiking, camping, and back packing when I was younger. Now I like a good Marriott vacation. Hubby says after retirement he'd like to get a motor home and travel again similar to before. My arthritis doesn't want to hike, nor sleep on the ground...lordy, wouldn't be able to move probably the next day...thus he feels the camper will solve some of that...not the hiking part I say. Enjoy the outdoor adventures while you can, cause age has a way of changing what you want to do.


    1. Sandy, I'm doing my best to maintain the ability to hike and backpack--good family history of being healthy into old age (my Mom did her last pack trip around age 70). The big one I can't control is the one you fight--arthritis. At 50,it's just starting in mostly small joints (fingers). And I can tell you that we have invested money in the technology for light packs and thick, comfortable sleeping pads! :)


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