Monday, December 1, 2014

As Promised: An International HTH Giveaway (ebook)!

I said I'd do it, and I am: since finances forced me to limit my paperback Goodreads giveaway to US residents, I am going to do a giveaway right here for 5 ebooks of Halitor the Hero.

A Fair Maiden who breaks all the rules.
A would-be Hero who fails everything by the book.
It’ll be the adventure of a lifetime…if they survive past breakfast.

Halitor wants to be a Hero and ride through the world rescuing Princesses and Fair Maidens in distress, but he’s hindered by a tendency to trip over his own feet and drop his sword when he gets excited. So when his Hero apprentice-master abandons him at an inn in Loria, he resigns himself to life as a kitchen boy. But he’s reckoned without Melly, the young kitchen wench. She wants his help finding her father, and she won’t quit until she has it. Soon Halitor is tramping through the mountains fighting ogres and dragons and just trying to stay alive. Along the way he learns a lot more than just how to be a Hero. This fun fantasy adventure has a good dose of humor and plenty of excitement to keep kids turning pages.

Now enter the giveaway and win your copy, just in time for Christmas!
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