Friday, September 10, 2021

Photo Friday: Old trees. Really old trees.

This week's photos aren't really a story--just a few that I liked of old trees both in the Sierra and across the Owens Valley among the bristlecone pines of the White Mountains.

Maybe a big old Jeffrey pine?


They do get struck by lightning and scorched, but I think in this case the black is from bacteria and/or fungi.

Experts at clinging on in unlikely places.

Much younger trees, but still probably older than they look, silhouetted in the smoky sunrise.

Like bristlecones, Jeffrey pines and foxtail pines in the Sierra can remain standing long after they die, and the wood decays slowly in the dry environment.

Given the ideal growing conditions, this big pine is probably about the youngest I've posted here.

White bark pine

This clump of short but old kumholtz won't get any bigger, though it may spread wider. The same winds that led me to tuck my tent in next to it will see to that, in this harsh alpine environment.
 ©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2021
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  1. Was the ground under the tent sloped that much? Or did you just not level the picture?

    1. Some of each. It's also misleading because the slope of the tent's ridgeline makes it look downhill. But I remember that being a bad spot for sliding downhill--the shelter from the wind was more important than a perfect tent site.

  2. Thanks! I do love the colors and patterns of bark and old trees.

  3. Hi Rebecca - they are gorgeous aren't they ... love those ancients wonders ... also love the sunrise - looks more like a sunset ... gorgeous photos - cheers Hilary

    1. thanks! That sunrise was deep red from the smoke pooled in the Owen Valley :(


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