Monday, September 27, 2021

Now on Pre-Release: Snowflakes and Shivers, by Jemima Pett

My fellow IWSG writer (not to mention long-time beta-read partner) has a new collection of flash fiction on presale! It's a fantastic collection of winter/holiday themed stories, with appearances from old favorites of her blog followers, Carruthers the unfortunate "archaeologist" and the time-traveling Sir Woebegone.

 I have read and enjoyed all the tales, and can recommend the book!

snowflakes and shivers 


The Pre-Sale is only available at Smashwords, here: It ends on 7th October, when the book goes live everywhere else.

If you just want to pre-order it, you can find it at all these other places.

Buy Snowflakes and Shivers ebook:

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  1. Hi Rebecca - Jemima sounds like she's produced a great range of tales for us as winter approaches. Good luck to her and to you with your travels ... cheers Hilary

  2. Thanks, Rebecca. I confirmed that typo on the 2016 Flashback Friday version of the story on my blog... haven't found the original yet!


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