Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Writer's Wednesday

Today I'm just giving a quick update.

One story out on submission was rejected, and is ready to go out again.

The novel stands at 38,600 words. After some struggles over the weekend, I had a 2400-word day on Monday, and Tuesday came close to 2K. I won't have a complete draft by the end of the month, or even before heading to the mountains in August, but I should have a significant part of one.

Finally, I've been kind of neglecting the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale. It's got a few more days, and I've change a few prices, so head on over and take a look. 

While we're at it, I want to remind readers that when authors--not just me, but all the writers offering books at special prices for the sale--give free books are deep discounts, we are hoping you will at the least write a review somewhere. Is it required? Of course not. But it is deeply appreciated. So much depends on reviews, so consider giving that gift if you read and enjoy our books!

Today's bonus photo. This feels a bit like the way a story develops, so tightly closed at first that you don't think it can ever be anything. You can't force it to open, but if you just let it go its own way, it will blossom.

From the Grand Canyon outtakes

That's a datura, and here's what it looks like in bloom.

This one was not far from my house on a recent cloudy/smoky morning.


  1. That 'outtake' is a prizewinner. Check out all the natural history photographic competitions for it!

    1. I do really like it, but it's not a technically good photo--the low light makes it very grainy. Shows up well on a small screen, but not on the large. But I will be keeping my eyes open on future trips for a chance at a similar photo, maybe using a tripod so I can use a slower ISO.


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