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Photo Friday: Grand Canyon #6


Rafting the Grand Canyon, Days 11 & 12. This trip was April 3-18, 2021, with AZRA--Arizona Raft Adventures.

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Day 11
This was a lazy day--for we who merely rode the boats, as opposed to those who rowed the boats. Those of us who were recovering from Tapeats Creek-Deer Falls traverse were sorry we were unable to hike (due to other parties beating us to the possible hikes), but we maybe didn't break our hearts as we let our feet rest.

Morning in the Canyon

We drifted from rapid to rapid, none of them hair-raising, and got a few bonus moments along the way.

Bighorn sheep ewe.

Lunch was at Ledges Camp, as we had moved into the Inner Gorge, and instead of sand banks the camps were rock ledges. Some of the rock textures were fantastic.

Then there was "pig rock".

See the pig snout--the second rock?

Our camp, 21 miles downstream from the previous camp, was dubbed "Bloody Ledges," as it was similar to The Ledges but apparently notorious for stubbed toes. We were encouraged to actually wear our shoes. I switched up my usual pattern of camping close to the kitchen, and chose a perch on the highest ledge, from which I could watch the whole camp and the river. River right, mile 158.7.

The panorama distorts the curve, of course, but the camp really was on a bend in the river.

Another fine dinner--pulled pork sandwiches and polenta. The kitchen of course is as close as possible to the river and the boats, to reduce the distance we had to carry all the equipment.

And what's a great dinner without a great dessert?

Guide Ben Whitaker and the amazing chocolate cake he baked in the Dutch oven.

Things could get kind of goofy out at times. While waiting for dinner, we played charades. At breakfast, some of the crew decided to test their one-footed balance. To make it harder, they chose not to stop drinking their coffee (I participated, but totally lost it trying to hold a coffee cup and take a photo while standing on one foot).

Day 12
I nabbed a spot in the dory for the second day in a row--the bouncy, exciting dory had become my favorite ride. We supplemented our breakfast by finishing the chocolate cake from the evening before, and we shoved off at 8:10, hoping for a decent hike. Alas, we were skunked again, so enjoyed a good morning in the boats.

Sometimes things were lively

At other times, drinking coffee and telling stories atop the luggage was a suitable occupation for a guide.

Our mellowness was rewarded with a lot of bighorn sightings.

A good-sized ram

We pulled into our camp at Fern Glen Canyon about 11 a.m., but didn't want to push on--a matter of timing for the next day. So we enjoyed the afternoon lounging in the natural amphitheater a short way up the canyon.

We approached via a deep slot canyon, like heading to Petra.

At one point, a constant seep created a hanging garden. I would never have believe you could find orchids in the Grand Canyon!

Most of us pushed on a bit farther for the perfect spot to hang out--and avoid the heat of the day.

The end of the road, though some of our more intrepid climber considered the possibilities (not seriously)

Monkeyflower also grew in the damp nooks

Only when the sun got low did we venture back out to the river side.

©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2021
 As always, please ask permission to use any photos or text. Link-backs appreciated.

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  1. I always finish reading these with a sigh. A good sigh, of course!

  2. Your retreats in the shade are highly recommended. There is so much back in those draws that one can discover when sitting quietly. You did a wonderful job of wordsmithing, as usual.

  3. Gosh Rebecca - I always love looking ... amazing photos and the summaries to go with them. Sounds like amazing fun - apart from enjoy a trip of a lifetime ... cheers Hilary


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