Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Writer Update

I just realized this week that I should have signed up for Camp NaNo. Oh well, the words are coming as well as--no, better than I could have hoped.

I'm now up to 26,500+, and have sent in one application for an artist's residency. On the novel, I've finally gone back to the outline, realized some important things had gotten left out, and decided to write the missing scenes but worry later about working them in at the right place. Then I carry on from wherever I left off as though it had been that way all along. I suspect editing this one is going to be a tough project.

I'm also getting up at 6 or earlier almost every day to hike/bike before it gets too hot, and I'm struggling with the side-effects of that. Napping morning and afternoon feels a bit decadent, but I find it impossible to keep writing when I'm that sleepy! 

Finally, watch this space--the blog will be moving soon (probably in September) to a new home on my soon-to-be unveiled author web site! There will be a re-direct, but you will need to sign up to follow the new blog. Don't worry--I'll be sure to let you know the details!

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  1. Well, you could have done NaNo, but then again, you're giving us a weekly wordcount, so what's different, really?
    Congrats on making such good progress.
    I'm currently mired in the timing of Zanzibar; specifically, the time differences between north and south hemispheres of SS and the length of time to fly between them, the speed, and in which direction, plus the time difference between SS time and PV time, which is what Dolores is on in her shuttle. And the stated duration of her flight and key events in it which coincide with PV &SS. And I haven't even started on how long it takes to get to Z from the asteroid belt location, which is between PV & SS at present.... I gave up last night because my head hurt.


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