Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Writer's Report

 I'm pretty sure I'm trying to do too much. At least it keeps me busy!

Current word count on the new novel, 15,435. That's not up to NaNo numbers, but I've beaten the 1000 words/day target I set myself as a minimum, even knowing it won't get me a complete draft before I head to the mountains. I'd love to up my game, but while I'm writing, it's still harder than it has been sometimes in the past.

I'm also working on applications for Artist-in-Residence spots for next year. This is a new thing for me, so it's hard, and because I need to submit samples of my work I need to beat some stories into submission, in addition to coming up with semi-intelligent prose about what I want to do and why they should pick me to do it.


So: no submissions so far this month.

I still want to get the paperback collected collections out, but haven't taken time to work on it yet. That one is probably going to have to wait until September.

That's about it. 

Here's a picture of Mt. Rainier from my visit up there with my mom three weeks ago. The famous Reflection Lakes were just a wee bit iced over. It was nice to see some mountains with snow still on them, as California's mountains never had much to speak of this year.


  1. Hi Rebecca - you are always achieving so much ... and it's great you keep pushing yourself - and also take time out to hike etc ... this view of Mount Rainier and the lake is just beautiful. Your trip with your mother sounds a special one ... all the best - Hilary

    1. Thanks. I feel like I waste so much time on stupid stuff, but I do take some comfort in making lists of what I'm getting done (as well as making those long lists of what I should be getting done!).


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