Friday, May 1, 2020

Photo Friday: Antarctica #5

Zodiac cruise with icebergs--and some wildlife

I'm working my way through the Antarctica photos, and I'm kind of amazed to realize from the post numbering that we've been home for 5 weeks. Still have about 5 more posts to do from Antarctica, and then I can get moving on all the hikes in Patagonia. 

Today I'm featuring our Day 3 (along the Antarctic Peninsula--it was day 6 of the cruise) afternoon zodiac cruise in Andvord Bay. This was the after-lunch outing following my amazing penguin encounters.  

We sailed from Neko Harbor to Andvord Bay while we lunched, and the rain stopped, to everyone's relief.
We sailed past lots of these
And parked about here
 Pile into zodiacs and head out with Rustyn Mesdag at the helm. I snagged the seat by the bows, which can be damp but also allows for some good views.
For obvious reasons, I'm not really sure who was on the boat with me!
 There's not a lot of narration needed for the next 2 1/2 hours, though that doesn't mean I won't add any.
Just like a cartoon!

Some of the ice hunks that come off the glaciers are pretty dirty, while others are sparkling white.
Many of the bergs were amazing shades of blue, above and below the water

It took a little cruising around, but eventually we found the wildlife.
A crabeater seal taking a rest.
Penguin naps
And whales! These are all humpback whales, which was most of what we saw.

And to finish off--a little whale video. It's a bit shaky, because I was in the zodiac and that's not a very stable platform (and maybe because I was excited). If you listen to the sound, you'll hear the whale breathe (and me getting excited).

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  1. What?? No full breaches? Weren't very cooperative, were they?

    1. That's coming. Only got that once, but on that day they (it? not sure if it was all the same whale) did it a lot.


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