Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Writer's Update

It has now been nearly three weeks since my entire world was upended, and I am making very small steps back to being a writer. This post is one of those steps--restarting my blog.

Getting the blog moving is going to require some changes. For now, I'm not accepting, reviewing, or much reading any mysteries. Mostly I'm sticking with rereading favorite books that offer me comfort (if only by being very familiar). So I apologize to anyone whose book I've promised to review--I assume at some point I will be able to do that, but for now, no.

That said, I have finished one review of a book I'd read and started to review before this happened, and will post that on Monday. Writing that review was okay, so when I'm ready I think I'll go back to at least Middle Grade reviews.

The other main recent feature of this blog has been photos from our travels. I do want to continue to share those, including perhaps more of my husband's amazing work, as I am able to look at it. I will probably include much less personal commentary, because it's just hard right now. So probably not this week, but maybe next, I'll share more Antarctica photos.

In other news: I've written most of a page of notes, and about 10 lines on a story for the next IWSG anthology. Because that call is for a science fiction story, I'm taking it as far from my reality as I can go, and using the need to research and imagine aliens and alien worlds as a distraction from my own shattered world. Thinking about the story seems to help me sleep, so even if nothing more comes of it, that's good.

I am still unsure what I'm going to do about continuing with the Pismawallops PTA #5, which is in early edits. I was tempted at first to just leave it, but a few days ago I was thinking about how Dave was my greatest fan, always telling the people we met in our travels that I'm a writer. If he were here, he'd be urging me to find a way forward.  I will; I just don't know when.

This is hard, but one thing I know: I am a writer, and in writing I find my sanity, though for now most of that writing isn't for sharing. 

One of Dave's wonderful penguin photos, because penguins are always good:


  1. Take your time.
    I find going through photos helps. Brings smiles of memory as well as heartache. But only post them if you really want to, you might decide later you wish you hadn't shared 'that one' with the world.
    It's your blog, do what you wish with it :)
    I think you're doing better than me. In this weird lockdown that might not be (in the UK) I have no idea what to do and need to manage 'going out and meeting people' again. Actually, going out is also something I have to work on. It's not been good to me.
    Keep safe, and keep writing.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the encouragement, and for the links you sent--I've made a submission :)

  3. It's nice to "see" you here again, Rebecca. Please continue to take care of yourself, and if story and words are helping you then turn to them, turn into them.

    And yes, penguins are always good. :)

  4. I've been thinking about you - every day, Rebecca. I'm relieved to seeing that writing is bringing you back. And you are further with your IWSG 2020 entry than me - mine's just a sketch. Will you need a beta reader for it - one who owes you a novel beta-read as well?

    1. Thank you, Roland. I think a sketch sounds like at least as much as I have--and nyes, I'd love to have you read it (and the novel) when I have something to read.

  5. I'm so sorry about your husband. I'm glad that you have some things that help. Take care of yourself and move at the pace you're comfortable with.

  6. Rebecca, You’ve been in my thoughts everyday. I hope you’re ok. S.W.

  7. Writing has always been there for me in even the most awful times. Hoping it's sort of like that for you. Do only what you're comfortable with!! -C


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