Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Writer's Wednesday: Time evaporates

In the interests of putting things back to normal, at least as a writer/blogger, it's time for my regular "Writer's Update." As my title suggests, this might be a little embarrassing this week.

Seriously, how can it already be a week since last Wednesday and the IWSG post? Based on the amount I've gotten done (of anything productive, not just writing), it's been about 36 hours, and I've been asleep most of it....

I'm not going to beat myself up over that. We've been readjusting our household, not to mention going through the mental lag I always experience after extended travel. But I am going to use this to hold myself accountable for the coming weeks.

That's right: I'm setting some deadlines.

By the end of the week:
  • edit and prepare my WEP post
  • edit an additional story I worked on aboard ship
  • edit 3 more chapters of the new Pismawallops PTA mystery, Death By Donut

For a larger deadline, I want to have DBD ready for Beta readers by mid-May. That will require some intense work, which is the point.

I have some other thoughts about marketing things I need to do, but I think this will do for now. Next week I'll post the goals for the following week (and the WEP story!). If I start meeting goals, I can add more.

So, if you see me over on Facebook... Can you chase me away? :D

PS--don't forget to check out the latest from the IWSG Anthology Blog. The release date for Voyagers is coming up fast!

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