Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Writer's Wednesday: Goals? What goals?

Two weeks ago I shared some writing goals, which I then didn't look at again until yesterday. Somehow, the whole business of settling down and working has been very slow to ramp up since our return home.

But--some good news: while I didn't do everything I said I would (I forgot about editing that second story about the cruise), I have managed to finish the current trip through my MS for Death By Donut. Granted, that trip was really just a quick read with a few notes to refresh my memory about the story and what needs doing, but I did do that. I'm ready now to print it out and get serious about the structural changes needed.

My last novel I was able to edit completely digitally, without ever printing it. I think that's only possible when things are pretty well organized to start with, because this time I really need to be able to lay things out on the floor and draw arrows and scribble notes. I apologize to the trees.

All of this has been made harder by the fact that I'm not sleeping well, for reasons I can't quite pin down.
Me, even after that first cup of coffee.
I have a couple of other editing tasks besides the novel I need to deal with, and I'll be prioritizing a beta read for a fellow sufferer, and the short story written aboard the Plancius while we wondered if we'd ever be allowed ashore.

In the next couple of weeks I also need to do our taxes (so glad we  got a reprieve on those!), and create the large-type edition of Death By Library. (If anyone has an old mum who likes "real" books and needs big print, I have released the first three books in the series in large type, suitable for libraries in senior residences).

Finally, we're getting closer to the release date for Voyagers. I got my bookmarks today, and they are beautiful. I look forward to getting my copies of the book soon!

Like an iceberg, a lot of writing happens below the surface. I hope.
Also: Visit this week's IWSG Anthology blog, discussing the power of words. I'll be offering my thoughts next week.


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  1. Relax! It's a weird enough world without pushing yourself :) Or maybe I'm just trying to justify my own lethargy.
    I took a while to get back to sleeping through the night. Still haven't settled to a normal wake-up time, but I'm getting there.
    I fancy a large print version of my own books. For personal use. Thank goodness I did the first ones in 12 font.

    1. I’m trying to find a balance between too much pressure and just plain self-indulgence. Hours of solitaire are not really good for me :D

      If you do decide on LT books, let me know—I have a checklist of the steps to change them, including the fonts and sizes needed to qualify.

  2. No pressure with that beta-read, fellow sufferer. I've got other distractions. Anyway, Voyagers will be the focus of our lives for a few weeks once that imminent date arrives - May 5. Two weeks today.

    1. I'm not much for marketing--if that's my other option, I might actually get the book edited :D As for the beta-read, it's a good distraction. I've done this before when I'm having trouble getting going on an edit. Thinking about someone else's work helps me think about my own.


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