Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Writer's Wednesday: News and Tidbits


That photo is from New Zealand a couple of years ago, but it will do as a stand-in for what I'm up to next. The blog, and the writing, will be on hold for the month of November while I'm trekking in Nepal! I'm super excited to be doing this, and will try to throw a photo or two your way while I'm there, but no promises, other than a weekly photo from the archives for you to enjoy. I'll be traveling with Second Son and a couple of friends, as part of an organized group of 7.

Meanwhile, it's been a while since I reported on my writing. It hasn't been going all that well, in part because of travel past and future (after a trip, I have to edit the photos, and before a trip I'm all about futzing with my gear over and over!). I did finish the total re-write of the story that was rejected from the IWSG collection last year--and I mean total. All I kept were the characters and most of the plot. That's out on submissions, but that's the only writing success this month.

Currently I'm brainstorming ideas so I'll have some prompts ready to go if I have down time on the trek and want to write. Of course, the places I'll be might suggest their own stories!

So that's about it.

Hope your writing (or whatever you do) is going better than mine!
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  1. Hi Rebecca - just enjoy yourself ... sounds an amazing trip and trek to be taking ... looking forward to hearing all about it ... all the very best - Hilary


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