Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Writer's Wednesday: NaNo, anyone?

Since I'm off in the Maine woods and more into kayaks and moose right now than I am writing (and this is an automated post because we're out of range of wi-fi), this is meant to be a quick update. 

The editing in which I rejoiced last week in my IWSG post is still going on at a pretty good rate. I've hit some of the harder bits, the places where I need to rewrite if not rethink stuff, but I'm still hopeful of finishing by the end of the month. Some of the 47K I've finished with are actually new words, part of the 10K or so I need to reach my target novel length.

Finishing the draft and sending it to my beta readers would be good, because I would really like to give the new cozy series that's brewing in my brain a chance to come to life. For now, I'm keeping it under wraps--it's too soon and I don't want to risk an early frost nipping it before it's even begun to grow. But much as I love my Pismawallops PTA crew, I'm excited to invent a whole new world for a new heroine to find corpses in. [Note: I simply cannot write that sentence without ending it in a preposition. Tough.]

And, I'm going to take a shot at flash fiction again, hoping for a story for the WEP posting next week. We'll see, but it might be a good test to see if NaNo is realistic.

 Because... yes, it's almost National Novel Writing Month again, and once again I'd really like to leverage the energy that creates to jump-start the next novel. In other years, I've had no doubts. This year, I'm simply going to give it my best shot and let it go at that. Any words written are a triumph, so I'm pretty sure to be a "winner" not matter what. 

And that's about it. I'm in Maine, so it's all about the fall colors.


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