Thursday, October 15, 2020

Photo Friday: Playing the Slots... in Utah??

 What's that you say? You're pretty sure slots are illegal in Utah? Well, not the kind I like! In fact, they thrive there, and in September I had some fun playing them. Well, okay, playing *in* them. Here's a bit of a photo essay from the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, some of the most amazing landscape on earth (which, not to get too political, is under grave threat from the people currently in charge in DC).

The expansive Navajo Sandstone of the Calf Creek wilderness

Approach to Coyote Wash

Now for some fun with slots!

On the approach to Zebra Gulch

The author in Zebra Gulch. Photo thanks to Zebra Guy, the nice hiker who coached me through and shared the photos!

Zebra Gulch turned very wet and challenging. This final photo is about the point where I turned around and stowed my camera on dry ground!

My hiking companion chest-deep. The water got more like neck-deep on us before we got through!

So there you have it--My idea of slots worth playing with--and protecting.

 Now, back to enjoying the wilds of Maine :)


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  1. After hearing about this adventure, it is nice to see a few pictures. Too bad there aren't any of the really deep water, up to your necks. LOL.

    1. Sorry I couldn't oblige! By the time it got that deep, we had wisely gone back to leave the cameras on dry land. If only I'd had the drycase for the cell phone I use in the 10K Islands last year!


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