Friday, June 19, 2020

Walking in the park

I am fortunate to live in a town with one of the best "city parks" anywhere. Bidwell Park offers tranquil walks along the creek in town, and "real" hikes in the upper park, up Chico Creek's scenic volcanic canyon. I've been spending a lot of time through the COVID lockdown hiking and biking the park, and occasionally stop for a photo or two.

Here's a sampling of photos from both the lower and upper parks.

In April, it was still green and lush, especially in the lower park.

Water and reflections are a great source of tranquility.

I'm particularly fond of the abstractions formed as water moves smoothly over and past obstructions.

The upper park is better for wildflowers, especially in April.
I sometimes take my cheap, heavy mountain bike (bought for hauling groceries, not biking trails!) into the upper park. It's a great workout, riding a heavy bike up very rough trails and roads.

The best is when thunderstorms come down from the mountains.

Storm clouds AND fractal trees!

The view up-canyon into the storm.

Wishing you all someplace as beautiful and comforting to hike and explore in these hard times.


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  1. Hi Rebecca - wonderful area ... while your heavy duty bike - makes sense to ride and stretch yourself. I do like the description of fractal trees - thanks for reminding me ... enjoy more rides, storms from a distance - and your delightful Bidwell Park ... take care - Hilary

    1. I won't even mind if some of those storms come down and give us some excitement--they do cool things off!


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