Friday, June 12, 2020

Photo Friday: Antarctica #6

I have struggled a bit with looking at and selecting photos to continue sharing with you all. Not because I don't want to share them--I do. Photos are meant to be shared. It's just kind of hard right now to look at that other life. But I decided I could do it, with less commentary, but remembering the good times. It helps in a way that on most of these outings Dave and I were in separate groups. (For those who wonder, it's because I got ready much faster, and once dressed for outdoors in Antarctica, staying in the ship wasn't an option!)

This was Day 4 along the Antarctic Peninsula, where we spent the morning doing both a landing and a zodiac cruise at Portal Point. This was a whales, seals, and snow morning! I was in the group that landed first, then cruised, and it started snowing shortly after we landed. By the time the zodiac cruise ended, it was raining, and the weather worsened enough we didn't have an afternoon outing. I'll just share the photos with minimal captions and let you enjoy the amazing world that is still out there, somewhere beyond the COVID Curtain.

These guys were the welcome crew by the landing--a pair of crab eater seals, IIRC.

Seals on land are pretty funny!

Big wet snowflakes

As we approached the landing.

X marks the spot... for something? The pattern is from wave erosion suggesting several roll-overs.
We'd seen whales swimming and breaching from the shore, and it didn't take long for a closer look.
My best shot of a breaching whale--a little fuzzy due to excitement and a wobbly boat.
As photos go, this is awful--but I wanted to show the huge splash when the whale came back down!
Today's gratuitous penguins. If we'd returned to Ushuaia as intended, I might have bought one of these!

All images and text ©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2020, unless otherwise indicated.
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  1. <3 It's good to remember the good feelings, even if it also hurts.

  2. It's really good to see you up and about. The pictures are fun to look at and they make it easy to want to go there.

    1. You would really enjoy a cruise like the one we did, on a small ship.

  3. Those icebergs and the whales! Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1. The whales... they weren't as cute as the penguins, but I loved them, so huge and amazing.

  4. I only now discovered that this was mostly a repeat, as I'd already posted report #6. At least some of the photos were different!


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