Tuesday, December 25, 2018

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Happy Boxing Day! And Merry Christmas to those who celebrate that, or pick your holiday of choice (heck, pick them all. How many feasts would that give us??!).

As I'm getting ready to leave for the Southern Hemisphere, here's the latest on what happens with the blog. First, the blog will be largely on hiatus for January, as we will be on the trail much of the time that month, with unknown internet access even when off the trail. I'll try to pop up a photo or two every now and then so you don't forget I exist.

1. Reviews. I'm putting them on hold until I'm in a position to read and reflect. January won't be that time. I will eventually get back to sharing reviews of what I've read, and participating in blog tours with Great Escapes tours, but quite likely not until we finish traveling in late May.

2. Photos. Since we'll be producing a lot of photos, I'll concentrate on sharing them through the first half of the year. I guess that means I'm turning into a travel blog for the duration!

3. Flash fiction. I'll share it when I have it. I was going to shut down the Fiction in 50 feature, but since Jemima Pett gave me a set of prompts to use, I'll keep it going. Not sure about the WEP challenges in February and April. If inspiration strikes I'll get something up, if not, I'll try to read anyway.

4. IWSG. I'll keep participating, and try to read and comment on as many as I can. I may not be great at that, so please forgive me!

5. Novels. My first commitment to myself is to resume working on the latest novel in February. If that proves to be too hard, I'll work on short fiction for submission. We shall see.

That's pretty much the story! Since I love my on-line community, I'm not going away entirely. But our travel schedule will make it challenging!

See you in the new year!
--Rebecca/The Ninja Librarian


  1. Have a wonderful time! Enjoy all the wonderful sights and sounds, like the Waitomu (sp) caves and the Franz Josef Glacier. But I expect you'll be doing the long-distance trails and see more of the detail of NZ than I ever did. :)
    I'll try to keep the Fi50 flag flying, and drop in to envy your pictures as often as you post them.
    Have a great time and leave us in the very back of your minds.
    Happy 2019!

    1. I remember the Fox and Frank Josef glaciers from our visit in 1996. Really cool! Thanks for the help with Fi50 and all :)

  2. Hi Rebecca - it's great to have the schedule and to know you'll still be around ... just enjoy yourselves - and we'll be here and will love seeking the photos and brief news - take care and have a great start to 2019 - cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, Hilary. It’s nice to know someone is watching :). Glad you enjoy the photos.


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