Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Still hiking

The Ninja Librarian is still hiking.

Sequoia National Park
Spider Glacier
Hope I'm doing as much writing and drawing as he does on all our trips!
©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2018
As always, please ask permission to use any photos or text. Link-backs appreciated!


  1. Wow! Keep up the good work! Happy hiking!

    1. I managed to keep up my journal and write about 3 pages of a short story. Not keeping up with my son!

  2. Replies
    1. The alpine is bleak, in a way. That particular area proved to have the most amazing wildflowers. This time we were only a few miles away from there, but hardly any flowers. You want bleak, hang on for the photos from Pyra-Queen Col!

  3. Hi Rebecca - looks amazing ... what a wonderful holiday ... and showcasing a talented son ... cheers Hilary

    1. My son is mostly grown, but he is starting to earn some money as a writer, and I'm proud of him--and his ability to write anywhere.


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