Friday, November 11, 2016

Photo Friday: Serenity

In honor of Veteran's Day and in hopes of helping us heal from a pretty divisive election, today instead of flash fiction, I'm having Photo Friday, and sharing pictures of calm waters, reflections, and the beautiful things light can do.

Flagstaff Lake, Maine, at sunrise.

Moon and grass reflected in Flagstaff Lake, ME

Sunset serenity. Flagstaff Lake, ME

 Big Five Lakes, Sequoia National Park

Vanishing Storm Clouds, Big Five Lakes, Sequoia National Park

Misty Evening. Columbine Lake, Sequoia National Park

Tarn reflections, Kings Canyon National Park

Lupine after the storm. Kings Canyon NP

After the storm. Kings Canyon NP

Sunset. Columbine Lake, Sequoia NP
And finally, take a good look at the sunset and sleep well.
Sequoia NP


  1. That share from Tranquility Base did the trick and reached all the way over here to Australia. Everyone of those is good enough to be a movie location (I'm thinking Planet of the Apes perhaps?)


    1. Thanks. It helps me to look at the photos. Though I'm also thinking what I might have to do to make sure we continue to have places like that to visit!

  2. Maine is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these lovely vistas.

  3. I enjoyed this so much on the day that I forgot to say so. Chilled.

    1. Aw... :)

      So much of the best photography depends on putting yourself in the right places--and so much more depends on getting up early :p


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