Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Marmots

The Ninja Librarian has gone hiking.* While we are away, here are some marmots for you.

*This also means that responses to comments will be delayed. There's no internet in the mountains, and if there were the NL wouldn't use it.

So: marmots. I believe the marmots in question, from Sequoia National Park, are yellow belly marmots.

I never before saw a marmot washing its face.

Keeping watch

This guy was watching our camp last year in a different part of the Park. They crave salt, and will chew any kind of gear or clothing to get it. I'm pretty sure he was eyeing my boots.
These guys are all lovely. Marmots are cute and furry and a lot of fun to watch.

As a public service, I'm adding a photo that's not so lovely. This is a spot called Lonely Lake. It took us 3 days to reach it, two days off trail. And what did we find? Someone's trash. Not from a hiker, this time. From someone who either carelessly or deliberately let go a mylar balloon. If we hadn't carried it would be there more or less forever. This one was probably an accident, but people still do deliberate balloon releases. Just don't do it. The things can travel 100s of miles and end up where no trash ever ought to be.
Yes, we pick up and carry out any trash we find. It makes me sad that we have to.

©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2016
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  1. Love the photos of the marmots. Not in love with the goofy mylar balloon. :( I'm glad you help clean when you hike and am sorry you have to too.

    1. Yes, it's sad that we have to pick up trash out there. But that's the reality. Stuff does get away sometimes, and I get that. But some people just ignore their trash (funny how often it's the ones using horsepackers who leave messes, too. I mean, they aren't even carrying it themselves!).

      Sadly, I left a bandana out there somewhere this trip :( At least it's 100% cotton, and was already at least halfway to decomposed! :o

    2. Yes, so true.
      Your bandanna will make a nice nest liner for someone. :)

    3. Yes, no doubt! Along with the wads of red hair I turn loose every time I comb my hair! I always like to think of some critter getting some good out of that :)


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