Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A to Z Gems Post #3

Okay, round 3, and I'll see if I manage to get it right this time!

I'm clicking on a lot of blogs in the middle of the A to Z list that haven't been posting. I'm hoping the list will get tidied up soon, but meanwhile, here are some I've found that were worth the visit:

Life aboard a sailboat: Life Afloat

Some good (short) poems (plus a nice punning blog title): The Write Side of the Bed

Some hesitation about this one, as the blogger hasn't posted since K, but the pictures are lovely if you just want to go look at photos: Beth Cooper Photography

Wendy's Waffle will take you on a tour...of London's tube stops!

All in a Dad's Work--a parenting blog that seems to have it's head screwed on straight (or maybe I'm biased because he advocates going outside and getting dirty, a favorite around our house).

And that's all I have time for tonight! Can't believe another Wednesday is rolling around already.


Still nearly two weeks to get Death By Ice Cream, Book 1 of the Pismawallops PTA mystery series, for only 99 cents!

If you've already read it, check out Book 2, Death By Trombone!


  1. I think they had a tidy up on Saturday. I refreshed the list yesterday and lost a few places.

    I think there are two blogs posting about life on their boat...Life Afloat and S V Cambria They're both excellent :)

    1. I'll check out that one. I wouldn't actually like to live aboard, but it's kind of tantalizing...

      I'm also reading a Pacific Crest Trail journal, which isn't A to Z but is daily, and feeds the part of me that wants to do a long trail.


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