Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WIP Blog Tour

It has been a long time since I devoted a post to talking about writing. Long enough for people to forget that writing books is what I really do, rather than reviewing them (though obviously reading books is what I spend the most time doing, and I don't even review everything I read!). So it was perfect that I got a tag this week from fellow Goodreads author Heidi Chandler to take part in the Work In Progress Blog Tour.

The rules go like this:  Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you (see above). Write a little about and give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP, then nominate a few other writers to do the same.

So my first job was to decide which WIP to write about. I'm currently in final edits on my humorous middle-grade fantasy, Halitor the Hero; in early edits on the second Pismawallops PTA mystery, Death By Trombone; and starting to draft stories for a third Ninja Librarian book, which doesn't even have a title yet, though I think of it as "The Problem of Peggy."

Since only one of those has a clear first three chapters, the choice was pretty easy. And I here realize that I haven't yet done any of my homework--writing blurbs and summaries and all that. Here's my chance to start!

Halitor the Hero

Young Halitor has failed at every possible career for a peasant lad in the lands under the Ice Castle when his parents manage to foist him on Bovrell the Bold as an apprentice Hero. But he's no good at that, either, and when his master abandons him at an inn in Loria, he would be willing to settle down to being a kitchen boy, as long as they feed him. But Melly, the kitchen wench, has other ideas. Soon the two have set off on a journey to try to find her father. What Halitor learns along the way is a lot more than just how to be a Hero.

Chapter One: Halitor the Hapless
A girl’s scream sounded through the afternoon, and Halitor clutched his sword in a sweaty fist and reined his horse to a halt at the edge of the forest.

Chapter Two: Halitor the Homeless
Once Melly had gained some skill with the sword, she began to suggest that they needn't stay on at the Drunken Bard.  

Chapter Three: Encounters with Ogres
Melly clutched Halitor’s arm and pointed into the woods. A pair of small ogres looked back, growling and gnashing their teeth. 

(Okay, I cheated on that last one and put the first 2 sentences).

So the great writers I'm nominating are:
Jemima Pett
M.G. King

And I still need to do a post about writing!

On a housekeeping kind of note, I've looked at my last few reviews and decided I need to take a break from reading and reviewing kids' books and reset my grump-o-meter. I'll try writing more short stories, posting more photos, and talking about writing until I feel more objective.


  1. Oooh, I'm so glad you nominated me! Oh, wait, that means I have to do some work lol

    I'm still working on my grumpometer and was thinking of writing a post on reviewing just along the lines you said. I know we're not twins separated by birth - and a few how come we think along the same lines?

    Can you wait till the first Monday in October for my WIP Blog Tour post?

    1. Well, spiritual twins? I've always been old for my age :D (except when I am being very young for my age. . . ).

      No hurry with your WIP post. Just link back here when you do it so I can get all those thousands of readers ;)

    2. Certain parts of my body are definitely getting old. I keep ignoring them, but they keep hollering for attention.

  2. PS The Halitor blurb is brilliant :) I wanna read it already!

    1. Thanks! I've been tinkering with it this afternoon and I think I've improved it a bit. Apropos of wanting to read it, would you like an ARC?

    2. Yes, please! What's the timescale for publication?

    3. Looking at late Nov. for release, but I should have an electronic ARC in a week or two.

  3. OK, Rebecca, THAT was fun to read :) Halitor sounds REALLY good and I LOVE the title Death by Trombone :D Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you like them! Halitor has a gorgeous cover I'll be sharing next week, too!

  4. So here's my blog tour link :)


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