Monday, January 7, 2013

Housekeeping; The Next Big Thing

Just taking care of business here a little. 

First, remember that "The Next Big Thing" tag I did way back last month?  Another of my taggees (yes, I just made that word up) has checked in with his post.  So hop on over and check out what Scott Roche is working on for the kids. Looks like a fun read, as does the preceding book he's already got out.

For myself, I've not been very productive, but I have an excuse.  I wrote this a couple of days ago:

On enforced idleness and writing.
Or not writing. I learned a lesson long ago in graduate school: don't do anything that really matters while taking pain meds. So I'm stuck on the couch, which should be perfect for doing the writing and editing I need to do.

Except, I'm stuck on the couch because I let the MD dig around in my big toe, remove some bits and rearrange others, in hopes of getting a more functional foot (and one that hurts less). A side effect of this is that for now it hurts a lot more. So I take pain meds, even through I hate them (and what kind of writer dislikes mind-altering substances, anyway? I never could do anything the usual way!). And when I take pain meds, my brain gets fuzzy (exactly why I hate them). Fuzzy brains don't do well at much of anything, as noted above.

My first experience of this came when I was in the first year of my PhD and had to have my wisdom teeth removed in the middle of the semester. After, I sat around happily popping pills and diligently doing all my reading and class prep. Only thing was, when I got to class I couldn't remember any of it. Zip.

So I'm waiting a few days before I try to take advantage of this great opportunity for captive writing. I wouldn't want the Ninja Librarian to do anything TOO strange!

I'm happy to report that I'm now pretty much off the meds, and just having to figure out how to type while keeping my foot higher than my heart (which is still easier than doing it with my head higher than a kite).    There's a book review coming tomorrow, and I'm ready to get back to editing my books, and maybe working a bit on a story from the Librarian himself.


  1. Write with the pain pills never know what might come from it.

    When I was participating in NaNo, my back went out with sciatica. A forced bedrest. I was able to write away for the first time in a long time, confined to the room. I did take some pain meds. Haven't begun to revise those chapters, yet.

    Great post!

    P.S. Did you realize your comment verification is on? It's automatically on unless you turn it off. I didn't know that until someone told me. I really don't think they're necessary, and it turns some people off from commenting. Just for your info. :o)

  2. Probably should have done. I'm supposed to be revising right now, which is harder, but could have written something. I'm off the pills now and managed less than an hour's work. How did you manage the mechanics of writing while lying on your back?

    I'll turn off the verification, as I don't think I've been discovered by any spambots.


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