Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cue the trumpet fanfare

Announcement time: I have (finally) settled on the title for the second Ninja Librarian book.

Fanfare, please.

After months of calling it "The Ninja Librarian Returns," I have decided to focus not on who is returning, but what he's returning to.  This is largely because "The Ninja Librarian Returns" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.  Nor does it make me jump with excitement.  It just sort of sits there.  So. . .
The winning title:

Return to Skunk Corners (A Ninja Librarian Book)

I'm hoping lots of people will feel like one of the ones who responded when I asked which title, that they wanted to read it just to see why the heck anyone would want to return to a place called Skunk Corners.  Since that's part of the point of the book, it seems perfect.

Now, I need help.  On the cover, I intend to just have it look something like this:


A Ninja Librarian Book

Also: feel free to chime in, especially about the choice of "book" in the sub-heading.  I might use "story," but one commenter suggested (and I kind of agree) that "story" suggests kids' book (which it is, but isn't), "novel" suggests adults, and "book" is neutral (also doesn't say anything about type of book, and while this is more of a novel than the first book, it is still a novel in short stories).



    That is a tough one Rebecca; story, book, novel...what are other options?


    I'm more apt to go with something like - Ninja Librarian #2

    But, I like "A Ninja Librarian Book" just as much.

  2. LOL! It could be a collection, too, since it's really a series of short stories strung together (I think on a thread somewhere on someone decided to coin a word and call such books "shovels," as in short story novels. But I sort of think "A NInja Librarian Shovel" might not be quite what I"m looking for!


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