Monday, May 14, 2012

Ninja Librarian Returns

Thought I'd pop up a progress report on the sequel to my novel, The Ninja Librarian.

Things are coming along well, but I notice one big difference between writing this and writing the original.  The first time around, I didn't even know if I would publish the stories, and I didn't know for a long time that I was writing a book (as opposed to a few short stories using the same characters).  So this time around, I'm pushing a bit, and I'm also thinking of the whole picture, and inevitably the story line gets more complex.  I'm not sure if this is good, but at this point those characters are pretty real to me (however unreal they really are, as my readers will understand), and I am looking more and more into their pasts.

Progress is creeping along on The Ninja Librarian Returns.  I've written 9 chapters, and am simultaneously editing those and working on the next one.  I would like to aim for a publication date of Feb. 2013--just a year after the first Ninja Librarian book came out, and far and away the fastest I've even done.  We'll see.  Having readers--and feedback--is the best motivator!

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