Short Stories

I post flash-fiction pieces most Fridays.  Many are from writing prompts, often from the profane but wonderful blog of Chuck Wendig.  Not all these stories are suitable for children, and most are not, in fact, meant for children (even when suitable).  If a story is not at least PG-13, I have posted a warning at the top of the page.

All stories published on the blog, like all blog contents, are protected under copyright and are the property of Rebecca M. Douglass.  If you enjoy them, please consider purchasing my books.

General Fiction:
Scarecrow and Scorpion
The Baffling Case of the Missing Socks (a Pismawallops PTA short story!)
Vincent, the Outhouse Mouse
Being in Urgent Need of a Plot
Death by Corn
Tomb of the Strange Feast
My Horse-Drawn Shame
Death By Ice Cream sneak preview
The Cat Did It
The Bartender and the Pirate
Twisted Love
Under the Oak
Pete the Peak-bagging Pika
What's for Dinner? 
Cackling Murders 
Haunted House (a Pismawallops PTA short story!)
Singing the Highway Blues
Half a Clue (on-going collaborative story)
Crow Egg
The Horror of Spam, the Spam of Horror
Vintage Explorer (okay, not realistic fiction, but not fantasy either, quite. Unless it is).
Adventure at Sea

Ninja Librarian Stories:
The Librarian's Tale
The Librarian Speaks of Skunks
Christmas in Skunk Corners
The Librarian Explains
Tess's Tale
Kicked in the Dust--Crazy Jake and Wild Harry's story
Return to Skunk Corners teaser
Peggy's Story: When Big Al Came to Town
The Librarian on the Flood
Halloween in Skunk Corners
. . . And His Dog

Science Fiction:
Trouble in Space
Feathers in Space
An Elegant Apocalypse
Lost in Space (this happens on a space ship, but it's really just a weird story)
Diary of a Space-Pup
In a Starbucks at the End of the World
The Machines of Jest
Millions of Cats
Trapped Aboard
Have You Seen the Rain?
The Disease
The Winter Sleep

Xavier Xanthum, Space Explorer:
Xavier and the X-Ray Eyes
Further Adventures of Xavier Xanthum, Space Explorer
On a Distant Island, Far from Home
Xavier Xanthum's Xmas
Word from the Future
It's Only Human
The Power of Poetry
Split Second

Death of Innocence
Footsteps in Time
The Quick and the Quicker
Life in Snowglobia
The Sword of Erken
The Choker
Strange Drinks at the Petestown Saloon (might be SF, might be weird.  Cowboys and aliens)
Girl on a Ledge, Part II  (part one is available from Jemima Pett)
I Am Going to Miss You
Be Careful What you Read on Halloween
A Gifted Wizard (collaborative story)
The Forgotten Library
The Cartographer's Potion
Biking in Hell
Victory Has Its Price
The Dogs of War? 
Reaper's Escaton (collaborative story)
Choice or Destiny? (nothing really magical about it, but clearly not set in reality, either)
The Elf in the Closet (holiday horror)
Wizard Librarian
Call Me Nails... (James Bond meets Alice in Wonderland)

Stories from the world of Halitor the Hero:
Halitor the Hero (original story from his senior years)
Dead Man's Revenge
The Mission
Halitor at Midwinter

Gorg the Troll:
The Revenge of Gorg
Iron Desert
In the Valley of the Baleful Stones
Gorg in Pursuit of Bale, Part I
Gorg in Pursuit of Bale, Part II
Gorg in the Castle of King Celery the Halfwit
Gorg and the Strong Drink
Gorg and the Djinn 
Gorg and the Phoenix
Gorg at Midwinter, Part I
Gorg at Midwinter, Part II

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