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Like what you see here?  Enjoy my stories?  Please consider buying one or more of my books.  

Out now! Get your copy of the third installment of the Ninja Librarian tales.

The Ninja Librarian and Big Al are back in action, making sure Skunk Corners is in good shape for whatever happens!
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On a light note for the little ones, specially made and priced for parents who want to take their small children camping and backpacking, I offer my picture Alphabet book:

Purchase A is for Alpine:

Email for Int'l prices
Paperbacks at Carpe Librum 
paperback from Amazon
ebook from Amazon 
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Paperbacks available from the  Createspace store.

A Pismawallops PTA Mystery for my adult fans.

What do you serve when all you have in the freezer is an ice-cold corpse?
JJ MacGregor thinks it’s hard enough to hold the Pismawallops PTA together when a new mom starts tossing out insults.  She discovers it’s even harder when the woman shows up dead where the ice cream bars should have been.

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Paperbacks also in the Createspace Store!

The second Pismawallops PTA mystery:

Formal dances, final exams, and dead bodies. School’s almost out at Pismawallops High!

JJ thought starting the day without coffee was a disaster, but now there's a dead musician behind the Pismawallops High School gym. His trombone is missing, and something about the scene is off key. JJ and Police Chief Ron Karlson are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, but will they be able to work harmoniously or will discord ruin the investigation? With the music teacher as the prime suspect, JJ could be left to conduct the band, and then Graduation might truly end in a death by trombone, or at least the murder of Pomp and Circumstance!

Paperbacks now for sale at Carpe Librum, an Independent Bookseller! 

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Or purchase paperbacks from the Createspace store 

 Or, as always, you can purchase a signed and personalized copy directly from me (see below for pricing). Just send an email to

Now, for the Holiday season: the BookElves Anthologies! I have a story in each volume, and have copies available for sale.

Amazon Sales Links:
Volume One
Volume Two

Additional Vol. Two links:
Amazon UK
Or purchase a signed copy direct from me, for $10 including US postage. International orders will be charged additional postage as needed--or I can redirect you to our UK or Australian BookElves!

A charming and witty middle-grade fantasy:

A Fair Maiden who breaks all the rules. A Hero who fails everything by the book. It'll be the adventure of a lifetime...if they live past breakfast!
Paperbacks at Carpe Librum, an Independent Bookseller
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Paperbacks also in the Createspace Store

Visit Skunk Corners and discover the Ninja Librarian!

He's not your ordinary librarian. 

Purchase The Ninja Librarian:
Amazon Kindle ebook  
Barnes & Noble (Nook or paper)

The Ninja Librarian is back, and better than ever.

Things are looking pretty bleak in Skunk Corners. The Ninja Librarian has vanished, and Big Al isn't sure what to do. If the town is to survive, they'll all have to pull together.

Purchase Return to Skunk Corner:
Createspace store for paperback
or at Carpe Librum
Amazon (Kindle)
Smashwords (all ebook formats)

All my books are also available, signed, directly from me!  Just leave me a note in the "Contact me" section or email rebecca.douglass[at] with your name, address, and preferred Paypal billing email.

Pricing for shipment within the United States:
    Death By Trombone: $18
    Death By Ice Cream: $16
    The Ninja Librarian:   $12
    Return to Skunk Corners:  $12
    Halitor the Hero: $12
    A is for Alpine: $12

Discounts available for orders of multiple books/copies. Please ask! Extra discounts for classroom or library use.

Shipping to countries other than the US will be calculated at the actual cost, or as near to it as I can get.  

Finally, if you live in the San Francisco area, please consider purchasing my books from Florey's Books, 2120 Palmetto Avenue, Pacifica.  Support independent booksellers!

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