Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Writer's Update: Gone Adventuring—and back

This post was supposed to have gone up before I left home nearly a month ago! I’m going to share it anyway, since the writing hasn’t changed much.  

And now I am off the river, with a 3-day drive to get home. 

The writing has been going well(ish), but is about to grind to a halt--heading out for some wilderness time. While I'm exploring the CA deserts and rafting the Grand Canyon, I'll leave you with
"flashback fiction" posts and some photos on Fridays. Feel free to comment, but I mostly won't be able to respond. Sixteen days in the Canyon may turn me into a travel blogger yet, and will certainly provide some photos worth sharing.

Meanwhile: Death By Donut will be released May 16, which will also kick off a blog tour--watch for more info on that! You can pre-order the ebook now from your favorite source. There is no pre-order for print books, but I hope to make one on this blog--when I return from the Canyon :)  

Publication of Clues, Cops, and Corpses (the fourth in my series of flash-fiction collections) has also been pushed back to May, since I haven't had time to create a cover and handle the final details.

I'll leave you with a shot from my trip into the Canyon last fall.

From the top down. In a couple of weeks, I'll look from the bottom up.

Here it is, looking back up:

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  1. Better late than never.
    I've had a couple of posts not go out on schedule. I'm suspecting that they were scheduled before daylight saving came in. I'm now amending most of my older scheduled posts by a minute or so and saving, which I hope will solve the problem. It might not solve yours, since the rest came up just fine (I assume, anyway!)
    I take it you're now back - or at least nearly home.
    Hope the trip was great, and looking forward to the photos :)


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