Monday, December 23, 2019

#Fi50: Behind the Curtain

Before I get to our Fiction in 50 post, a quick announcement: Watch for the Smashwords End of Year Sale, running from December 25 to January 1. All of my books are enrolled at 50% off--which means that any that are usually 99 cents are free, so when the stockings are empty and no one bought you a book, head on over and check it out. And while you're at it, don't forget to pick up a copy of The Christmas Question, the Pismawallops PTA holiday novella!

And have some happy holidays!


Fiction in 50 has been a regular feature in the last week of every month here for several years now. It was founded by Bruce the Bookshelf Gargoyle, and when he retired from blogging in 2017 I decided to take over the hop. Now, I'm throwing in the towel. I really enjoy writing these ultra-short stories, and reading those Jemima Pett writes. But the hop has no traction, no momentum and (navigating way from hackneyed metaphors to the concrete problem), no members. Today's post is the last official Fi50 post. So... if you want to participate, time is running out! Read the instructions below and hammer out your 50 words!
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What is #Fi50? In the words of founder Bruce Gargoyle, "Fiction in 50: think of it as the anti-NaNoWriMo experience!" Pack a beginning, middle and end of story into 50 words or less (bonus points for hitting exactly 50 words).

The rules for participation are simple:
1. Create a piece of fictional writing in 50 words or less, ideally using the prompt as title or theme or inspiration.
That’s it!  But for those who wish to challenge themselves further, here’s an additional rule:
2. Post your piece of flash fiction on your blog or (for those poor blog-less souls) add it as a comment on the Ninja Librarian’s post for everyone to enjoy.  
For those thrill-seekers who really like to go the extra mile (ie: perfectionists):
3. Add the nifty little picture above to your post (credit for which goes entirely to ideflex over at or create your own Fi50 meme pic….
4. Link back here so others can jump on the mini-fic bandwagon.
The December prompt is: 

Behind the Curtain

Sofia had to know.

She ought to be sleeping so Santa could come. Instead, she’d crept downstairs and hidden herself behind the curtain. Now she waited.

Her parents found her there in the morning, after a frantic search. Sound asleep behind the floor-length curtain, clutching a sleigh bell, and smiling.

Have a bookish Christmas and a literary New Year, from the Ninja Librarian! 

©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2019
As always, please ask permission to use any photos or text. Link-backs appreciated!


  1. What a sweet story, and a great way to end the Fiction in 50! I'm sorry you have to end it, though.

  2. Awww. Nice little story. I like the picture too, except there should be curtains 😁

    1. I know! But our living room has blinds.... sigh. Nothing’s perfect, right? :D

  3. Thank you! Writing super-short is a good exercise, so I’ll try to find someone else’s hop to join, maybe.

  4. 'clutching a sleighbell'. That says it all - genius line, well done. A great conclusion to our meme. :)

    1. Thank you! The idea isn't exactly original, though I tried to make it my own.


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