Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Writer's Wednesday: NaNo Update #1


I like to do a weekly update during November when I'm doing NaNoWriMo (it's another way to procrastinate, right?), to say how I'm doing and see how those of you who are swotting along with me are coming along. By the way, if you want to be buddies on NaNo, I do it under my own name :)

So how's my NaNo going, after 12 days?

Stats: 23,922 words as of 7 p.m. last night (really hoping as I write this, at 7 p.m. last night, that I can up that before bed).
Consistency: Yup. Every day.
Average output: around 2000 words, which is my minimum goal (2K/day gets me an 80K draft in 40 days...)
Most words in one day: 2967
Fewest, excluding yesterday because of hopefulness: 1069

Less numerically, I'm in the mid-book doldrums. Like my sleuth, JJ MacGregor, I'm flailing around looking for clues as to where all this is going. So, you ask, what about the extensive notes and outline? Still more or less on, and still helpful, but the holes in it you could drive a train through! Time for a time-honored cure: throw something nasty at poor JJ.

And what else is going on? 

Well, I was up late Monday night finishing the Kindle and paperback MSS of Death By Library. The proof is on it's way to me, so I should be able to get the paperback out at the same time as the ebooks go live, i.e. Dec. 6. The ebook is available for pre-order on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble, and probably some other places I don't know about. Unfortunately, the paperback can't be pre-ordered--except on this blog! Which means that updating that page is another task that needs doing ASAP.

Got the edits back on the special novella, The Christmas Question (Pismawallops PTA #4.5), and I'm working on final tweaks and polish. There's still time to sign up for my newsletter and get a free ebook of it in my December newsletter! Sign up before Dec. 15 to be sure you're there before I hit "send." Right now, it's the only way to get a copy.

Looking at all that, which leaves out the personal stuff (like finally getting to start PT for my plantar fasciitis!), I think I know why I'm busy and tired!

Drop me a note in the comments and tell me how it's going for you!


  1. You are creating at a good pace -and we're not yet mid-month. Slog on.

    I'm doing a revision for NaNo so some of my 41,112 words are chunks from my 2018 draft edited to fit a new plot. Internal editor is allowed. However, I'm writing new linking material - some works but some feels wrong. Revisions as I write allowed?

    However, I fear my detective is heading down rabbit holes, and the plot is getting bogged down. Old version looks better.

    1. Keep plowing on, and maybe divine inspiration will strike. That's my strategy this time, anyway. So far, it's more plow and less inspiration, but you never know.

    2. Thanks Rebecca. Found a turning down the rabbit warren which might lead to the exit/climax. BTW did you fruitfully beta read a short for me a few moths back?

  2. Excellent NaNo progress! I am thoroughly impressed. :)

    I'm a little behind in the word count but not terribly. I ended up changing my original idea, and am now kind of fluttering about working on different things. If nothing else, my creative muscle is getting a workout!

    1. That's the real point! There's nothing magic about the NaNo structure. It just helps give us a boost.

  3. You're doing well. There's always a phase of - what on earth? - in the middle. Keep writing!

    1. Yup. I at least got a couple more insights into why someone might have killed the poor victim, which is kind of important.

  4. Writing every day feels really good. Lack of sleep makes it hard. I couldn't do mine until this evening because I sleep poorly, and it wasn't until I'd had a nap, a work-out, and dinner that I could think (not the result I expected).


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