Friday, November 15, 2019

Favorite Holiday Memory Blog Hop

Running a little behind here...

Blog Hop Question: What is your favorite holiday memory?

(This includes Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule/Winter Solstice, Christmas, etc.)

My Memory:
I have a lot of good holiday memories. I admit I love Christmas, from opening stocking in our jammies to big family dinners (and pie! I like pie!). A couple of favorite memories stand out in my mind, though. When I was about 5, my mom got creative on a budget. She sewed each of the three of us a patchwork snake (thus thriftily using up scraps of fabric, some furry, some not) and put it in our Christmas stockings. The kicker? Those snakes were 6' long! We know that, because my middle brother got a tape measure in his stocking as well, so of course we measured them.

Mom stuffed the snakes using cut-up scraps of fabric, and I remember that she was sitting around snipping the scraps into little pieces, and I got worried that she was wasting good fabric! She just gave that mysterious mom look and said she thought she could find a use for the bits :)

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  1. The patchwork snake sounds cute. My mom has been making everyone gifts for year now. She knits, quilts, does cross-stitch and so much more. She's also stuffed things with random bits she had at the time. :)

    1. My mom is incredibly creative, though she tends not to believe that. I appreciate (now) all the things she made for us instead of buying!

  2. As Chrys mentioned above...I love to make handmade things for my kids. :)

    Thank you for participating in the blog hop!

  3. I failed to mention that I still have that snake. It’s a bit threadbare, but still hangs out in a box in my closet. Yup—survived the moving purge, along with “Sister Sue,” a life-sized baby doll (year-old sized) Mom made for me when I was three. She looks a little worn now, too, but, hey! So do I!

  4. your memory made me think of the sock monkey i got one year. it became a tradition and i bought one for my son, and all the nieces and nephews that came along. thanks for the reminder
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Love it! My brother had a sock-monkey Mom made, but something when wrong and the red stripe ended up on the bum... he named it "Hot-Bottom: :D

  5. What a great memory. Made me tear up reading it. Ah...

  6. PIE! :D
    The patchwork snake sounds so cute. It's something you can keep always.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your mom sure was inventive. I think that's so special that you still have the snake.

  8. Those were some big snakes. But what fun and unique gifts. Do you still have your snake?

    1. I do! Not sure about my brothers, but mine is curled in a box in my closet, waiting for me to find the perfect home for it.

  9. Awesome presents! "mysterious mom look" -- love that!


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