Sunday, March 3, 2019

Proof of life...

Got “home” yesterday from hiking the Milford Track, so there’s no Monday book review or anything. Just a pretty picture (or two). I’ll get around to a full report eventually (after I report on the Hollyford, the Rees-Dart loop, the Gillespie Pass/Siberia Hut trip, and the Angelus Lake trip. And maybe some of our day trips...).

Above Mackinnon Pass, Milford Track Day 3.
Out the other side of the pass, looking at the emergency hut near the high point of the track.


  1. There's no snow in those pictures. I love them. (Can you tell I'm tired of winter??????)

    1. Nope. Still summer here, though the fall exquinox is drawning near, and nights were noticably cooler on this trip than in January (a good thing).

      I get the impression most of the US is tired of winter :)

  2. Very pretty. It's a nice break from all the snow and ice around here. Like Patricia, I'm also very tired of winter.


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