Sunday, October 22, 2017

#Fi50: A Piece of Cake

Fiction in 50 is a regular feature in the last week of every month and I invite any interested composers of mini-narrative to join in!

What is #Fi50? In the words of founder Bruce Gargoyle, "Fiction in 50: think of it as the anti-NaNoWriMo experience!" Pack a beginning, middle and end of story into 50 words or less (bonus points for hitting exactly 50 words). Then add a link to your post in the comments below. Check out some of the other offerings, and join the fun! You can post any time during the week, or the whole month--prompts are available on the Fi50 page through the end of the year. I will be adding more for 2018 soon, so please make some suggestions to help me out! 

My offering for the October prompt:

Piece of Cake

I left it out for the master of the house, who would come home late, tired, and hungry. I made sure the mice couldn’t get it, and went to my bed.

I had no idea that I'd put out bait for something I didn’t want. Who knew ghosts eat cake? 

©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2017
As always, please ask permission to use any photos or text. Link-backs appreciated!


  1. Love it, Rebecca! These sound like a lot of fun. A great writing exercise.

    1. It is--both fun and a good exercise. If you decide to play, drop the link in here any time.

  2. Mine's up on Wednesday - I'll link it then. Good work!

    1. Great! I'm aiming for the last Sunday of the month, but that felt too close to the end this month.

    2. Yeah, it's that sort of month ;)


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