Monday, April 10, 2017

#AtoZChallenge #HisFor ...Halitor the Hero


H is for Halitor the Hero

In a Nutshell: Halitor is a hero-in-training who has a terrible tendency to be klutzy.
Biggest Secret: He is scared to death of girls, known to him as Fair Maidens. They make him especially clumsy.
Favorite line: "The Hero's Guide to Battles, Rescues, and the Slaying of Monsters say so." Doesn't matter what's going on, Halitor expects it to match the instructions in his textbook.

A Fair Maiden who breaks all the rules. A Hero who fails everything by the book. It'll be the adventure of a lifetime...if they live past breakfast!
Publisher's Blurb: Halitor has failed at every apprenticeship under the Ice Castle. He figures it’s his last chance when his parents foist him on Bovrell the Bold as an apprentice Hero, and he pores eagerly over the Hero’s Guide to Battles, Rescues and the Slaying of Monsters. But Halitor infuriates his master when he drops his sword and gets rattled around Fair Maidens. When his master abandons him at an inn in Loria, Halitor is ready to give up and just be a kitchen boy. But Melly, the young kitchen wench, has other ideas. She wants to go find her father, and soon the two are battling monsters and worse on a wild journey to her home. Before they are done, Halitor has learned more than just how to be a Hero. 

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Following the suggestion of fellow blogger and amazing author Jemima Pett, I'm doing a very simple A to Z with characters from my writing and the books of my author friends! I'm just posting a brief profile, sometimes a quote, and the book cover with links. Though you may also see some of my typical reviews (when I feature other peoples’ books) and the usual Friday Flash Fiction.


  1. Replies
    1. Watch for my "M" post to learn more about Melly! She's definitely an equal partner with Halitor in this adventure.

  2. Looks like a fun book! Happy A to Z-ing

  3. This book looks sweet and fun. Thanks for sharing it!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I worked very hard to make this one appealing to boys and girls alike, too.

  4. OOoooo - sounds like a fascinating character. I love your theme - what a great idea.

    Justify #Lexicon of Leaving


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