Monday, July 1, 2013

Updates and business and stuff

This is just a post to say that I will be traveling through most of July, and won't be able to post regularly (if at all.  It depends on finding a hot spot and time to make use of it).  I will schedule in advance as many posts as I can, spread throughout the month.  But I won't be making my three-a-week schedule, and the fiction will get a bit thin on the ground.

Taking July off presents me with a lot of challenges.  For one thing, I'll lose momentum in my writing (I know from experience that when we are on the road, I do well to keep my journal/trip log up to date, let alone any other writing).  I hope to have Return to Skunk Corners ready to go before I leave, so that I can plan on a publication date in early August, when I'm back to manage that.  And I've starting plotting and planning and scheming a sequel to Murder Stalks the PTA, even though I haven't finished that one yet.  So I'll keep working on that if I have time (though as about the only thing that would give me that kind of time would be illness, I hope I don't have time!  I've already done that, coughing my lungs out in camp while the rest of the family hiked all over Glacier National Park).

If I could work in a moving car this would go a lot better!  But except maybe on some stretches of freeway (and we won't be seeing many of those), I'm apt to puke if I try to do much besides stare out the window.  And I will NOT haul a fat MS along when backpacking, though I always carry my journal, so I can keep working.

So when you wonder why I'm not posting, just bear in mind that this is my idea of a vacation:

A relaxing day in the country:

 New heights of inspiration:

A family meal:
 (All three photos copyright Dave Dempsey; used with permission)


  1. July is busy for me too, I'll be away for about half the month. It's so important to be able to do something different and refresh. Have fun!

  2. Have a great time Rebecca!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm on the road, visiting kinsfolk right now and still trying to get the month more or less covered with blogs.


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