Monday, November 5, 2012

Revisions proceeding according to plan. Mostly.

Pretty much what the title says.  My first-round revisions are done, but still need that final typing.  I'll do that tomorrow morning before I go do a little more precinct walking.  My writing has taken a back seat to trying to get a bond passed for our local schools.  It's a shame an economy the size of CA is so poorly run we can't seem to fund our schools. . . Tuesday will be really pivotal and I'm pretty stressed.

I'm working on the new book cover, too.  When the second book comes out, I'll reissue the original Ninja Librarian with a new and hopefully more catchy cover.  Something the kids will like as well as the adults do.  Though I'm not losing sight of the fact that this is an adult book masquerading as a kid's book.  Nothing in it that isn't fine for the kids (at least, upper elementary).  But grown-ups are seeing more in it than the kids do.

Meanwhile, since revisions aren't much fun and typing in the corrections is even less so, I've started a new story.  Watch this space--the Librarian himself will soon be heard from again.

P.S.  Just to prove that my brain is full, and then some. . . I went to work a half hour early today.  Just had a brain burp and was convinced my shift started at 12:30.  Sigh.

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