Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is this a mid-life crisis?

If so, I think I like it!

Last weekend I went off and did something completely out of character.  Under normal circumstances, I'm a pretty boring person.  I don't do wild things (except for going into the wild with my family for days on end, but around here we consider that normal).  I don't spend money unless you pry it out of my wallet with a crowbar, and I don't party. You get the idea.  Just another middle-aged housewife who's excessively responsible and well-behaved.

So, like I say, I stepped wholly out of character last weekend.  I left my family behind, flew to Colorado (yup, spent a boatload of money just on me!), met up at the airport with someone I know only from the Internet and drove with him into the mountains to hike before joining a whole lot of other folks, only of few of whom I'd ever met in person, at a campground to party (okay, talk and eat and watch others drink--I was suffering too much from the altitude to touch alcohol).  Then on Saturday, we all took off to hike.  In further proof of my insanity, I went off with a group to climb 14,295-foot Quandary Peak. 

That's right.  I spent money on myself, partied with strangers (well, sort of strangers.  Strange folk, anyway, though I mean that in the nicest way), and climbed to over 14,000' barely more than 24 hours after leaving sea level. 

Clearly I've gone mad. 

But it was a lot of fun!

Colorado aspens turning color!

Me on the far right hoping my coffee cup will hold me up and keep me going.  
Mountain goats  along the way refused to carry me to the top.

The triumphant author, clutching the summit post to avoid falling over.  Oxygen is NOT over-rated.

Holy carp it's a long way down from here!

Our group on the summit.  Almost all of us are sea-level types, and for I think 4 of us it was our first "14er", so we were excited!

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