Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cheap thrills, author style

Today I got the biggest thrill of the last several months.  A grade-schooler recognized me in the grocery store and told her mom, "She writes the Ninja Librarian book!"

Yup, my first groupie.  First time anyone has spotted me as a writer.  Not the Library Lady.  Not the PTA lady.  The one who writes the Ninja Librarian.

Okay, I'm easily wowed.   The kid attends my local grade school, and I read to her class last spring.  Still.  Wow.

I was still glowing from that one when I stopped by a friend's house, and one of the many kids around there (another from that same class) started telling everyone how I'd come to his class and read two chapters of my book.  Finally he looked at me and said, "You're an author."

For just a moment I was taken aback.  It felt. . . like cheating or something.  Then I got a big stupid grin and told him, "Yup.  I am."

This kind of thing is exciting for me, new as I am to being published.  But it also made me think.  Having people identify me as an author means I need to be an author.  Every day.  Even when I don't much want to write, or think I have no inspiration.

Because that's what authors do, and I don't want to make liars of those kids.


  1. Very impressive list of identities you have: Library Lady, PTA Lady, Recognized Writer!

  2. Those first two led to my realization a few years ago that I'd become a Pillar of the Community. Rather a distressing thought for someone who thinks she's still just a teenager playing at being an adult.


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