Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summertime and the writing is. . . .tricky

Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and as usual, it's making it hard for me to do what I do.  Schedules go all to bits, and there are guys all over my house!  Two teen sons and their dad (who teaches at the University, so doesn't have to go to the office every day in the summer.  Later, he'll get back to work, but right now he's definitely recovering from the term) seem to take up all the space--and all the computers. 

In past years, I've just gone with it.  We'll be on the road a fair bit, so my writing will get spotty anyway.  And until now, my writing has pretty much been a self-reflexive act anyway.  No one much was reading it but me.  But now, I've made big promises about having The Ninja Librarian Returns come out in February--a whole book in only a year.  That doesn't leave me time to take the summer off.  I'm beginning to see how writers end up getting up and writing at insane hours of the morning (I've already done it once, though that had more to do with insomnia than dedication).  (And maybe that's true of many of those other authors I so admire.  Can't sleep anyway, so guess I should get up and work.  Or maybe they really are better people than me.  It's not a long stretch.)

Ultimately, you know what's worst about this sense that summer vacation is messing with my work and my neat little life?  Losing that feeling of euphoria that the end of school gave me for (adding.  Adding some more.  Still adding) something like 27 years.

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