Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Writer's Wednesday: Accountability

 Last week, I started something new: "Accountability" meetings. A writer friend invited me to be part of her accountability group, which entails a bit of Zooming during a morning dedicated to work--in other words, someone to be accountable to. After admittedly only one session, I have high hopes that this may help me move back into being a writer in a more meaningful sense. Our first session induced me to work on writing projects--mostly editing those short stories, some work on book covers, and answering a couple of writing-related emails--for a full three hours.

What this session made clear is that once I get to the computer and start working, I'm good. I feel good while I'm working, and I can lose myself in the work. Here's hoping I can sustain that, for the two days a week I've signed on for, at any rate! So far, I don't seem to be able to find that level of discipline without the external supports.

Still, the third of my flash-fiction e-collections is nearly ready, with a cover I like a lot. I'm still having fun with making covers, and learning more about Photoshop as I go.

This one will be out as soon as my proofreaders finish and come up with a blurb.

Meanwhile--my wonderful cover artist, Danielle English, has finished the cover for Death By Donut! Watch this space for a cover reveal, or sign on to help me spread the good news!

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