Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Writer's Wednesday

Somehow I missed my usual Monday post... again. Maybe it's not usual anymore. I'm kind of off reviews, so that doesn't leave a lot.

But this is Wednesday, and time to check in on the progress with the works in progress.

IWSG story: working my way through editorial suggestions--thanks Roland and Jemima for offering both suggestions and the encouragement to keep going.

Death By Donut: Progress on the edits got a bit shoved aside by the need to make real progress on the story if I'm going to make the Sept. 2 IWSG deadline. That's because we're off again at the end of this week, this time to take Eldest Son to Colorado to start graduate school.

If it seems like I'm spending a lot of time traveling away from home... that's deliberate (though this trip had to be made regardless, it didn't have to be extended with some backpacking...). I know in this time of COVID I probably shouldn't travel more than necessary, but I'm trying to stick to the wilderness as much as possible. Between the heat and the memories, home isn't a great place for me right now.

Still working my way through Chrys Fey's encouraging book, and the Emotion Thesaurus as well--and Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility, which is giving me some interesting thoughts on characters and emotions!

My biggest writing surprise has been that it's actually easier for me to lose myself in revisions than in new writing right now. Usually I struggle more with revising, but I think having something concrete to work with helps. 


Here are a couple of pictures that might have aliens coming in for a landing to encourage the writing of science fiction for the IWSG contest. Okay, actually it's four photos because I couldn't make up my mind.

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  1. I agree on the reason for editing right now. For me, editing Revolution came easy because of lockdown and post-move stresses. Dealing the familiar, and something I could control, was a pleasure, but I still lost myself in their world.

    I never thought of editing as a stress-buster before!!

    1. I know, me neither! But there is something soothing about it after all. It probably helps that I've made some progress in learning how.

  2. I love editing! Glad you are writing so much. That's a huge accomplishment given all you're going through. Hope you finish your story before the IWSG deadline. And good luck with your son's move to graduate school.


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