Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Gone to sea

The Ninja Librarian is truly out of reach, having set sail for Antarctica. Assuming I don’t die of sea-sickness, I’ll be back on land and back to the internet around March 20 or 21. Feel free to leave comments, and I’ll respond when I return!

I’ll leave you with an ice berg or two for your enjoyment. These were on Lago Argentina, not in Antarctica, but they are still beautiful.

And deep into the heart of the blue, blue ice.

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  1. Say hello to an Emperor Penguin for me!

    Two years ago this week I was in Iceland. Three years before that I was preparing to go to Svalbard. Obviously we don’t like hot climates!

    Looking forward to some interesting fiction out of all this research you’re doing ;)

    1. We weren’t in the right area for emperors, but I had a very close encounter with a couple of gentoo penguins. :)


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