Sunday, December 24, 2017

#Fi50: Joy in Abundance

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What is #Fi50? In the words of founder Bruce Gargoyle, "Fiction in 50: think of it as the anti-NaNoWriMo experience!" Pack a beginning, middle and end of story into 50 words or less (bonus points for hitting exactly 50 words). I post a theme for each month's Fi50 here.

The rules for participation are simple:

1. Create a piece of fictional writing in 50 words or less.
That’s it!  But for those who wish to challenge themselves further, here’s an additional rule:

2. Post your piece of flash fiction on your blog or (for those poor blog-less souls) add it as a comment on the Ninja Librarian’s post for everyone to enjoy. 
And for those thrill-seekers who really like to go the extra mile (ie: perfectionists):

3. Add the nifty little picture above to your post (credit for which goes entirely to ideflex over at or create your own Fi50 meme pic….
4. Link back here so others can jump on the mini-fic bandwagon.
I post on the last Sunday of the Month, but feel free to post anytime in that week or even earlier (you'll just have to wait until mine goes up to share your link).

Joy in Abundance

Perspective is everything.

When it’s been dark for months, a ray of sunshine causes ecstasy. When it hasn’t rained for a year, even a light shower is excuse enough for celebration.

I suppose that’s why the children are wallowing naked in the mud this afternoon. Celebrate the abundance you have.


It occurs to me that it might be nice to include a heads-up for next month's post--the week of January 28. The prompt is Snowglobe.  Prompts can be the title of the story, or just something that gets you started thinking.

Also--please drop some suggestions for new prompts into the comments! I'm running out! 

And while we're at it...Merry Christmas! See you on Friday, when I post my Flashback Friday post--I'm taking the week off.


  1. Merry Christmas everybody! My Joy in Abundance is in with a Giveaway hop that ends New Year's Eve, so still time to take part. Meanwhile enjoy my take on
    Joy in Abundance.

  2. That first sentence I relate to here in Michigan. After a long, dark winter, sunlight is most welcome when it appears.

    1. Yup.

      I also just now noticed that the formatting got messed up. Blogger sometimes makes me crazy that way!


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