Monday, February 6, 2017

If I keep looking up, I can't see Monday coming

Just in hopes that I'll miss the whole work-week thing, I thought I'd do a little sky-gazing today. Enjoy these rather random shots of pretty or interesting skies and clouds.

This is the sky that gave me the idea. I shot this on my way to the gym on my bike the other day, so it's just a cell phone shot and doesn't capture all the texture of the sky. But you can see the waves.
The cell phone is great. But you have to look up from it sometimes to see what it might be best for!
In keeping with the idea of great stuff close to home, this was shot only a few miles from my house. I liked the storm clouds and the crashing surf together.

My husband and I tend to start a little late sometimes when we got out for a bike ride. But the up side of that is that we often get to enjoy the sunset.
A mix of cirrus and crepuscular rays near Half Moon Bay, CA
The next two were shot from Angel Island State Park last May, and show the fog moving in on the Bay.
Sausalito about to be eaten by the fog monster.
The sun rises over the fog.
Sometimes it's not just Ma Nature who provides the interest in the sky. Here we have jet trails over Badwater (Death Valley NP). You can also see some fuzziness near the ground in the far distance--that was dust being kicked up by the wind.
Note that the upper contrail becomes a shadow on the far left of the photo.
Shooting right into the sun can provide some interesting effects, if you can minimize the lens flare.
The Trona Pinnacles, near Death Valley. These are ancient tufa towers, like those at Mono Lake only far larger and exposed to weathering for far longer  (they grew in the long-since-dry Lake Searles between 10,000 and 100,000 years ago).
I couldn't resist ending with this one, which doesn't show as much of the sky as I'd like, but you can get a hint of the contrast between the boys napping on the dock and the storm waiting to burst on them!
Somewhere on the Maine Coast in June. We'd flown from CA on a red-eye the previous night, so the guys were mostly interested in sleeping in the sun.
Hope you enjoyed the sky-gazing, though I greatly fear that Monday has come and gotten us regardless.

©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2017
As always, please ask permission to use any photos or text. Link-backs appreciated!


  1. Enjoyed that! We have mist rising this morning... can't see much now, but it will clear in an hour or so.

  2. Cell phone or not--those are great photos. Love the different clouds. I'm not a cell phone person, but I do love that my new flip phone can take pictures that I can email to my account.

    1. Yeah, having the phone along most all the time really does allow me to capture photos I'd miss otherwise. I like my "real" camera better--it has a much better lens and actual zoom (I know some of the newer cell phones do a better job, but mine is pretty much useful only in good light, and even then, cropping (zooming) seldom works).


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