Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Got a new cover!

So this is definitely exciting stuff.  Well, to me, anyway.

As part of the preparation and marketing for the sequel to The Ninja Librarian (that would be Return to Skunk Corners, coming in August), I have a new cover and format for the original NL.  As soon as I've had a chance to review the proof, it'll be available, as a "Second Edition," since that's the way CreateSpace works when you change the trim size.  It's already on Smashwords, and if you own a copy, you can download the new one free (though the only thing that's changed is the cover, and one tiny typo I finally removed).

The new book is a more standard size (CreateSpace's claims notwithstanding, 6x9" is not the most common size!) and has a cover that I think better reflects the nature of the book.  In fact. . . here's the new cover, front and back:

Wait until you see the cover for Return to Skunk Corners!


  1. Thanks! Me too--and getting from the vague ideas floating in my brain to something that looks good on paper was a VERY educational experience! I owe huge thanks to Danielle

    1. (Continuing because the dang iPad gets all weird about comments sometimes)
      ...owe huge thanks to Dani for reaching into my head a bit and pulling out things, and adjusting until we got there.

  2. I like it! I'm looking forward to more time to read this fall and finally getting to read this book! By the way, I signed up for your email updates and was wondering why you weren't posting. Apparently I get all of them once a month or something. I just got a HUGE list of posts of yours. You have been busy! I hope you are having a terrific summer. Stanley & Katrina also have a new cover coming. Interior illustrations are done, too. Exciting stuff!


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