Sunday, October 21, 2012

Learning to be a blogger

Oh, my, I am always the last to figure these things out!   I just discovered tags, or (as they are called in Blogger for some reason, Labels).  So, let's see. . . I've figured out how to post a blog, buy a domain name (but not how to use it for more than this blog, sigh), and about how often to post (two to three times a week seems good).  Now I figure out that there are ways to make people find you when they are looking for something else. 

I knew that.

Makes me wonder what else I'm missing, as I struggle to move from the 20th Century to the 21st.

A partial list:
Um. . . I'm pretty sure there's more social media out there.  The trouble is, all this social stuff is sort of contrary to what writers do: sit in a room alone and write.  Or is it?  We want an audience.  Social media is all about audience.

Social media: conversation for unsociable folks?

This is giving me a headache.


  1. I never use kids. Damn fancy blog tools, making me feel stupid.

  2. Tags! I meant to say something about kids knowing more about, did that come out wrong...

  3. I don't know--I think it came out about right!

    Now I'm getting ideas about wanting one of those blogs that lets you have different pages across the top, so I could have an advertising page, and a blog, and. . . Sigh.


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