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  1. dear ninja librarian (are you really a ninja?). here is the name of an artist, whose work I have seen on facebook. her name is susan moss Jenkins and her contact info:

    I hope she can help you or steer you to someone who can. good luck.

  2. the first address is a site of her work and the second is her email address. if any questions I would look her up on facebook. fingers crossed :)

  3. Darryl, thanks for the contact info. Have you used her work or do you know her?

    Oh, and no, I'm not really a ninja. I'm not really even a librarian (I work at the library, but don't have the LS degree).

  4. I just read that you are a fellow Washingtonian (even if you have defected to sunnier lands in California. I relocated from the east coast 35 years ago and never looked back. Love the title of your book "death by Ice Cream" I will look it up. The panda kindergarten would like it if you did a book "Death by Cuppycakes" but that's just them. Am bookmarking your site, heck I just found the subscribe button.

    1. Glad you found the "subscribe" button! No death by Cuppycakes, but I do have some children's books, two for older elementary and a picture book to encourage parents to take their babies hiking!

  5. I heard Ninja Librarian is available at Costco in RWC!

  6. No way. Check it out and let me know.