Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Progressive Book Club

I don't know if the PBC is going to meet this month, and I'm not home to meet, not really.  But I wanted to link back to my earlier post on the work under discussion, if only to explain why I'm not really doing a post on the topic (that, and not being near my computer).

So take a look at what I had to say after working on the first chapter.

I fully intended to do more with the book (Julie Cameron's The Artist's Way); at least try to work through two or three chapters.  But the truth is, this book just wasn't for me.  Not my style, not where I am right now, and much too mystical for me.  I meant to at least try to keep up those morning (or evening) pages, but I couldn't even manage that.  And, truth to tell, I'm not feeling the need.  But I do hold the option, reminding myself that when the noise in my head gets too loud, grabbing a journal and writing it all out is not a bad way to regain control.

So. . . I'll see you next month, or the one after, whenever we move on to another text.  And I will be interested in seeing if the book is helping any of you!

Notice: This blog is posting itself in my absence.  If you comment, I WILL respond. . . but not for a few weeks.  This does not mean I no longer love you.  It just means I've gone hiking.


  1. Ooo hiking! If I'd known, I would have joined you. I love to hike.

    I did read the book but didn't manage to do a PBC post this month. I loved The Artist's Way, but I think you have to be in the right space for it and have that spiritual, feeling personality (which I do to an extent). I can completely see how it wouldn't be for everyone. Enjoy your time away!

  2. I missed this post because ... well mostly because I'm a total ditz. I also found it 'mystical' and I guess that's the religious connection the author places on writing, but I did make a couple of practical changes to my routine which really improved things for me. Morning pages (which sounds like some kind of ailment) are a life-saver. My day is so much more organised and productive if I start out by writing 3 pages longhand. Any how, I'll post about the book in a couple of days.

    1. That's okay--I've missed two whole weeks! And will miss two more before I'm really connected again. I think I run out of posts next week--I'd hoped to do more but it doesn't looks promising!


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